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IT - First Startup Eyesoft - MultipleUser Environment
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In a Windows environment (virtualized or not) with multiple users, each (and only the) first time a new user starts EyeSoft on a new machine in the medical office, the following few simple steps must be performed in order to use EyeSoft.


1. Create the EyeSoft icon on your Desktop.
Copy from the Siplus folder located in Eyesoft Documents the file Launch_Eyesoft.

  • if there are multiple Links, copy the correct one
  • If the user access EyeSoft from multiple locations, copy the links for all locations.
    Important: in this case the user will need to access the respective link. 



2. Start Eyesoft 
Double-click on the startup file from desktop.
Remember:  In case there is more than one Laucher, always use the local location link.



3. First startup of EyeSoft on a multi-user workstation
The first time Eyesoft opens, some components (plug-ins) need to be confirmed for access.
In the sequence of screenhots below, confirm the operation:
Important: before loading the plug-in ("Load Plug-In" button), remember to activate the checkbox "Always load this plug-in"



4. Last step: Login and Save credentials
Log in with your system credentials (which will then be saved permanently). 
Use these standard login credentials:


  • Username: Doctor
  • Password: Skylight


5. Last step
When asked about new FileMaker versions, click on "CANCEL" and make sure that the question is not asked again (check option, see image). 



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