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IT - SyncServer - First Level Support
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So the problem you see below can be solved in several ways.


Should this issue be reported to you again the first level of support you could do is as follows:


1. Server Sync side.


  • Connect to the SyncServer from Node1 to NodeN depending on how many nodes there are. 
  • Run Stop of SyncServer solutions via this button.
  • Once the stop is executed restart all the SyncServer macmins in your constellation.
    • N.B: If the solutions do not stop within 3 to 5 minutes directly restart the macmini.


2. Filemaker Server side.


If the time is still incorrect after restarting the SyncServers 


  • Connect to the Filemaker Server of the node where the time is incorrect. 
  • Go to Configuration-->Script&Schedules --> if you see something like the attached screenshot you have to execute the following commands from the terminal.


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