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00 - Quick Manual Eyesoft
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Main Menu



Agenda : Kalender, Agenda


Todo: Wartezimmer + Todo Liste, Sale d’attente + Liste des choses à faire, Sala d’attesa + Lista di cose da fare,


Billing: Allgemeine Abbrechnungs Menu, Menu pour Facturation géneral, Menu per la fatturazione generale


Statistics : Statistik Menu, Menu des Statistiques, Menu delle statistiche


Surgeries : OP Pläne, Plans opératoires, Piani operatori


NCservices : Nicht Compendium oder Tarmed Leistungen, Liste des choses qui ne son pas Compendium ou Tarmed, Lista delle prestazione che non sono Compendium oppure Tarmed


Patients : Patienten Verwaltung, Gestion des Patients, Gestione pazienti


Setting e Preferences : Einstellungen von Eyesoft, Configuration Eyesoft, Configurazione di Eyesoft





1.1 Patient data


Patients (find)



Um nach einem Patienten zu suchen, geben Sie mindestens 3 Zeichen ein

Pour rechercher un patient, saisissez au moins 3 caractères

Per ricercare un paziente inserire almeno 3 caratteri

To search for a patient, enter at least 3 characters



mu ha

mus h








Do not use äöü or àé or ', use space instead of –, enter dates without leading 0

Phone numbers: enter digits only without separators, then hit space bar to start search.





Go to patient:


Go to last clinic directly:


Patient data:



Edit Patient Data:



Insert Insurance(s) :






Insert Physician(s):








Agenda panel:

This is the Agenda of  the selected date for the selected Doctor






Shortcuts :


Find Patient

option 1




option 2  (spacebar, valid for all Patinets Layouts)


option 3 (Advanced Find)



Search for all the fields and press enter




1.2 Measures




1.2.1 LM/AR/TONO



and Import (press print/out/export on the measuring device if necessary)





1.2.2 Import images



Perimetry (import left, import right)






option 1

Drag and drop


option 2 

Import single


option 3

import multiple (choose Folder)



Other images (import)




1.3 Clinical findings



1.4 Payments


Divided into Open/Ready, Sent/Pendings/Appeal and Closed/Cancellation





1.5 Letters





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